Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

  • This policy does not imply any right or restriction upon third parties’ use the data that is publicly accessible on this website,
  • “Personally identifying information” is information that can be used to identify you, such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth and so on…
  • “Personal information” is information about you that is not generally available to the public, this includes your age, your shopping habits, what kind of home electronics you own and so on…
  • “Statistical Data” is data compiled from other information, personal and otherwise that itself is not personally identifiable. For example the average age of our readers. their geographic dispersement and so on.
  • Internal Information Use

    • We limit internal access to your personal information and personally identifying information to staff members that need such information in order to carry out their assigned tasks. It is not provided to other staff.
    • Our software may need your personal information in order to fulfill its primary functions that have nothing to do with said personal information. For example your e-mail address is required in order to sign up to the forum, this is used to deter abusive behavior and provide you with any notifications you may request to have automatically delivered to you.
  • Surveys

    • We occasionally conducts surveys in order to get to better know our readership. In these surveys we are only interested in the statistical information gathered and we do not link any personally identifying information with your personal information.
    • Personally identifying information gathered in a survey or contest is erased from our database once it is no longer needed (Ie: if we are giving prizes to randomly drawn participants, thecontact information for non-winners is deleted when the winners are selected and confirmed).

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